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Piña-Seda Weaving and Embroidery in the Philippines: Lecture Series and Workshops

October 25, 2017

Traditional textiles are ties that bind. It links the past to the present and brings together cultures, which, no matter how diverse, has a commonality.

Traditional textiles bring together industries, communities, and people. A fabric or a garment is a synergy among workers and artisans. It is a product of diligence, hard work, and passion.

Legarda: Hibla, Keeping Philippine Weaving Tradition Alive

October 23, 2017

As Senator Loren Legarda leads the opening of the first Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Travelling Exhibition at the Philippine Embassy in London, she stressed the importance of the project in keeping the Philippine weaving tradition alive.

Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Travelling Exhibition Opening

October 23, 2017

Today, I am filled with pride as I welcome all of you to the opening of the first Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Travelling Exhibition.

It all started with a vision to have our own textile gallery in the Philippines, inspired by my travels to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia like Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, each having their own rich weaving heritage showcased in their museums.

Legarda: First Hibla Travelling Exhibition to Open in London

October 22, 2017

Senator Loren Legarda will lead the opening of the first Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Travelling Exhibition at the Philippine Embassy in London on October 23, 2017.

Legarda said that this is an offshoot of Hibla ng Lahing Filipino: The Artistry of Philippine Textiles at the National Museum of Anthropology, which is her brainchild.

Legarda Encourages Frequent Visits to Museums

October 16, 2017

In celebration of Museums and Galleries month, Senator Loren Legarda encouraged everyone to make frequent visits to museums to enrich people’s understanding of our culture and history.

Legarda, a staunch advocate of arts and culture promotion, said that museums are vessels of important historical knowledge and cultural heritage and they showcase the invaluable Filipino talent.